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I’m currently available for in person lessons in Orlando, FL and Dallas, TX.
Or... Let’s meet at a dance event, or go online with Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, etc;.

I offer dance lessons in a variety of styles:
-West Coast Swing
-Country Two Step
-Wedding Dances (whichever dance fits your song)
-Introduction to many other style of partner dances.

I also coach music theory for dancers. Understand the music that makes you want to groove, and you can groove so much more!

Cost for a 45 minute Private Lesson- $70 (not including floor fees)

Looking to buy in bulk? We can discuss package deals.
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What's West Coast Swing? (WCS)

West Coast Swing is my favorite dance style. It has its roots in Lindy Hop (The style of dance that pops into your mind the first time you hear the term swing.) WCS is constantly evolving with the music so you will hear many different genres of music being played when attending a social dance or competition. The best part of west coast swing? In my opinion is that the structure of the dance allows for copious amounts of improvisation and musicality. In fact, this dance thrives when both the leader and the follower are dancing with each other and are inspired by the other’s personal movement and flavor. Plus, West Coast Swing is everywhere! I have traveled the world finding an amazing WCS community anywhere I went.

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