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In 2015 I was involved in an automobile accident in which I was rear ended, sustaining severe whiplash. My neck and back pain was not getting better with weekly chiropractic visits and other various treatments. In fact it got worse, progressing into severe nerve pain which put my body into a constant state of fight or flight. I could not have my skin lightly touched without the feeling of fire. I knew I didn’t want things to progress even more to the point of surgery and I couldn’t rely on medication since I have such adverse effects mentally. Nothing was broken, but nothing was fixing the pain. The doctors told me that my slight scoliosis (made worse by the accident) was to blame. This was devastating to me while I was training for the biggest west coast swing competitions in the world. As a dancer I pushed through, telling myself that pain was a part of dance and I just had to “suck it up”. This was the advice that countless peers and coaches also told me. I woke up, trained, worked (which is more dance because I teach dance professionally), trained more, cried, and then slept. It was an exhausting 2 years.
I live my life always trying to find new ways to improve. I found Anatomy in Motion and it made everything else I had ever tried pale in comparison. In order to train with AiM I needed to become a certified personal trainer. 
I began studying the human body even more while becoming a certified Personal Trainer through ACE . I always knew that I would want to use this education to better inform my dance students. However, my passion for helping anyone heal past injuries increased the more I worked with Anatomy in Motion and the Flow Motion Model.
I had the opportunity to travel to Lisbon, Portugal to study from Gary Ward and Chris Sritharan. Gary Ward is the creator of Anatomy in Motion (AiM) and author of What the Foot? In Lisbon, I participated in a 6 day full immersion course that explored body mechanics and the flow motion model. I am continuing to study the human body and the role that bones and muscles play in our movement. It thrills me to understand our bodies’ capabilities and ability to heal from injury. Oh, and my chronic back pain? Gone. The more I work with clients now, the more I am determined to help anyone who has said the phrases “Pain is a part of getting older,” “Pain is just a part of my daily living,” and my personal non-favorite “I get cortisone shots/surgery”. I would love the opportunity to give you the experience of re-centering your body before resorting to extreme measures such as surgery. It can’t hurt to try. This work is also beneficial for those rehabilitating from surgery and those who aren’t in need of surgery at all and simply want to improve their own body mechanics and balance. This work really is for everyone. If you are interested in learning more about AiM, click on the button to visit Gary’s website. He has resources for you to explore on your own. I will be here to answer any questions you may have! Let’s heal our bodies!

Cost for an hour long Coaching Session- Either in Person or through Online Evaluation and Coaching.

$115 for a single Private Lesson

$525 for 5 Sessions ($105 each) saves $25

$950 for 10 Sessions ($950 each ) saves $100


The package of 10 will include the price of your set of wedges (the main training tool used in this practice-cost is normally $10 – an no, it isn’t a pair of shoes. 

Before the first session, I will analyze a video of you in gait (walking). I will also be sending over a quick questionnaire and request 3 still photos of your standing posture.

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