A little bit about me

Mia Primavera got her start young in musical theatre after discovering a love of performance during her time as a competitive cheerleader. She has trained in acting and vocal performance as well as a variety of solo dance styles including jazz, tap, ballet, and contemporary. Partner dancing is the creative marriage of everything she loves: music, dancing, performing, and improvisation. Lately she has expanded her studies and teaching to include functional movement and gait analysis through the methodology of Anatomy in Motion, which she uses to give dance students better access to the possible movement within their own bodies

Who I want to help

  • Looking to learn more about West Coast Swing or want to improve? Check out my WCS page.
  • Interested in wedding dance choreography and music cuts? Send an email my way and we can talk about your goals!
  • Haven’t recovered completely from a past injury? Head over to my Body Mechanics Page to learn more about my work with Anatomy in Motion.
  • Want to improve in your sport or other physical field? Head over to my Body Mechanics Page to learn how functional movement can help you become stronger in all ranges of motion and help prevent injury.

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